Ruggedness and Reliability of Lead Free Electronics
2010 Proceedings, Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium.
By Starr, Jan 2010

Enhanced HALT Techniques Boost MTBF Prediction
(By improving HALT processes it’s possible to provide accurate product life values. The gathered knowledge helps military system designers build rugged, reliable electronics for harsh environments.)
By Starr
COTS Journal, June 2008

Success in Reliability Test: Proper Use, Proper Gear
(HALT and HASS provide a speedy path to improved product reliability testing. But the success of such methods depends on how they’re used and the equipment available to perform sophisticated testing.)
By Jeff Child, Editor-in-Chief
COTS Journal, January 2008

A Look Under the Hood of HALT and HASS
(Special Feature, Advances in Reliability Testing: Although HALT and HASS methodologies have become widely accepted in military programs, not enough attention is paid to what is actually happening to hardware in those test environments)
By Starr, Walker
COTS Journal, January 2008

CirVibe Site Has the Goods on Vibration Issues
COTS Featured Website COTS Journal, November 2007

Despite RoHS, Products Must be Rugged and Reliable
By Starr
PKG Magazine - Electronic Enclosures & Components, Volume 2, 2006

Reliability Issues Stir Up the ESS Waters
By Starr
COTS Journal, June 2006

Vibration Test Goals : Efficient, Effective and Valid
By Starr
COTS Journal, April 2005

Vibration Test Techniques Shake the Status Quo
By Jeff Child, Senior Editor
COTS Journal, April 2004

Vibration Screening Custom Tailored for Electronics
By Starr, Tustin
COTS Journal, April 2003

It's the Analysis That Counts
By Starr, Tustin
Evaluation Engineering, Oct 2002

What Results from Vibrating Electronic Systems?
By Starr, Tustin
COTS Journal, April 2002

Environmental Test - Understanding Vibration of Electronics Systems
By Abner, Starr
ERI News, November 2001


Report for the Joint Council on Aging Aircraft/Joint Group on Pollution Prevention
Joint DoD / NASA / Industry Lead Free Solder Project

JCAA/JG-PP Lead-Free Solder Project: Vibration Test, Solder Comparison by Component Level Life-Use Analysis
By Starr
July 10, 2006

Modeling of the JCAA/JG-PP Lead-Free Solder Project Vibration Test Data
By Thomas A. Woodrow, Ph.D., Boeing Phantom Works
IPC/JEDEC Global Conference on Lead Free Reliability & Reliability Testing, Boston, MA, April 10-11, 2007

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